Adam Gregory to play “Ty” on the new 90210

Date July 25, 2008

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New 90210 cast member alert! Shenae Grimes’ Annie Wilson is getting a hot new boyfriend! His name is Adam Gregory and he will play a student named Ty.

What do you think? Hot or Not? Actually, that’s a pretty stupid question. The boy is damn FINE.

Inside sources tell me the lucky guy is named Adam Gregory (pictured above), whose most recent project is the Hannah Montana movie. He plays a West Bev High student named Ty and will first appear in the show’s two-hour premiere Sept. 2 and then appear in a recurring nature. Read the rest at Kristen’s…

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14 Responses to “Adam Gregory to play “Ty” on the new 90210”

  1. Blu said:

    i think he looks good. they need more eyecandy for the fellas. i love me some tristan, but it’d be nice to see a really HAWT looking white guy on the show. i thought it would be dustin, but they fucked around and cut his hair off. wtf?

  2. 90210 said:

    You should put a post link for this promo of 90210 I found on youtube.

  3. SpunkyMonkey said:

    thats not the same adam gregory as in adam gregory the country singer, is it? nooo, can’t be. can it?

  4. STEPH said:


    he’s HOT!

  5. silly said:

    he is so hot….but it is good to see realy cute guys on the show….that just makes me want to wach it even more!!!!!

  6. Jacob's Lover said:

    Ty is so hot i can’t believe that he was only on for a few episodes. Annie is so lucky, ethan doesn’t even compare to him. Navid is so sweet to adriana who is total bitch. Just to recap Ty is a total hottie!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Jazmin said:

    OMG! he’s too hot but is that the country singer adam gregory cause i’m a little confused….oh well he’s my new obsession!

  8. Jade said:

    i love Ty he is so hot and fit, YUM!

  9. Jade said:

    i am saying again:- HOT! And he and mitch hewer and my like absession now, they are so fit, I <3 THEM! <3

  10. Jade said:


  11. Jade said:

    he just makes me want to watch it over and over again! (;

  12. 90210Fan said:

    I think Annie deserves a boyfriend, she is always really nice to everyone, and she will help whoever she can, so I think it is her turn to have some fun, and be with someone special (like Ty)

  13. ShenaeRocks said:

    Annie is a great character, and she rocks! Ty is fine for her.

  14. ... said:

    90210 is good.

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