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90210 premieres tonight!

Date September 2, 2008

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!TV Guide just posted this great Q&A to answer all your burning questions about the new 90210 premiering tonight on the CW Network!
We’re just as excited as you all are about the new 90210 (premieres Tuesday, Sept. 2, 8 [...]

90210 News - no sneak peek for the media

Date August 20, 2008

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Critics and other members of the media hoping to get a sneak peek at the CW’s upcoming series “90210″ are out of luck.
The network and producing studio issued a statement Monday saying they won’t be sending out DVDs of the highly anticipated show before its September 2 premiere.
“The CW and [...]

90210 Interview - Shenae Grimes - Video

Date July 18, 2008

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90210 Spoilers - Info on Old and New Characters

Date July 16, 2008

Here’s a great article the LA Time posted yesterday that gives a little insight on Jennie and Tori and their roles on the new 90210.
Get ready for some teen angst with fresh and familiar faces as the CW revisits the ’90s drama.
By Maria Elena Fernandez, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
July 16, 2008
REAL estate downturns aside, [...]

More info on Kellan Lutz’s character on 90210

Date July 7, 2008

Here’s a little more info on Kellan’s 90210 character. According to the article this will be a recurring role. As soon as I have more info I’ll post it. Source.
Lutz will play George Evans, a star lacrosse player who comes from a wealthy family.

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90210 news! The New Peach Pit

Date July 3, 2008

Great news! Nat (Joe Tata) is back and the Peach Pit gets a sleek new makeover.
From Kristen
But it doesn’t look like the kitschy 1950s diner from the original 90210. Instead, the cast from the CW’s upcoming new 90210 will be hanging at a much sleeker restaurant.
Cast and crew landed at Los Angeles’ real-life [...]

Luke Perry not interested in the new 90210

Date June 27, 2008

In fact, ?I don?t see it happening.? are pretty much his exact words according to this article. I mean, who would he play? Someone’s DAD? The old cast is, well, OLD now afterall.
?I can?t re-imagine it currently,? Perry told The Billy Bush Show Thursday.
?It?s just not something that I?ve thought about [...]

Ryan Eggold chats with TV Guide

Date June 25, 2008

Sounds like the newbie teacher is going to help heat things up at West Bev.
From TVGuide.com
This fall, there’s not only a new class coming in at the new 90210’s West Beverly High, there’s also a brand new teacher, fresh out of college and ready to influence young minds. You with me here?
The new teach on [...]

When does the new 90210 start?

Date June 6, 2008

The all new 90210 official airs on the CW Network on September 2, 2008.
Just thought you’d like to know…..

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90210 pilot casting call information

Date June 4, 2008

Source: SpoilerTV

Female, 20s-30s. Desk attendant at a Women’s shelter. POSSIBLY RECURRING. 3 lines.
Female, college age. Half Jewish/Half Latin. POSSIBLY RECURRING. 3 lines.
Male or Female, 18 or older to play high school. 1 line.
Male, 18 or older to play high school. A skater hanging out in the school [...]